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Welcome to Dyslexia Tutor Tokyo, for over 10 years I have been supporting children with learning difficulties and neurodiversity in the Chiba and Tokyo areas. Due to there being very few dyslexia specialist tutors in Japan I have had the opportunity to work with numerous children of varying backgrounds and difficulties.

If you are looking for a tutor to help with your child's literacy skills i.e. reading, spelling, phonics, morphology, comprehension and phoneme awareness, I can help. I studied at Dyslexia Action, UK for over two years and obtained a diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy. More of which can be found out here.

My lessons are tailored to each students level and ability, kinaesthetic techniques are combined with reading and writing activities to help give a solid foundation for reading and writing. The Alpha To Omega programme is used to provide a structured lesson. Alpha to Omega follows the standard literacy programme requirements of the United Kingdom.

In addition, games that have been shown to help dyslexic learners are employed in the lessons to help create a more productive and fun learning experience.

Please have a look around the website for more information regarding lessons, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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