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As of 2012 I officially started teaching dyslexics after finishing my diploma in dyslexia and strategic literacy teaching. It was a total of four years study after having taught computers to the elderly and English in schools and companies. Originally coming from the UK and being dyslexic I was exposed to the UK system and given support from lower school to university. It is this constant support that I had from the government and my teachers that made me want to go into SEN teaching myself. However I did not want to teach dyslexics until I had learnt the techniques and theory behind the teaching.

It was a long journey that was tough and eye opening, I have to thank my wife for her patience and support while I studied. Whilst dyslexia is commonly viewed as reading problem it covers much more, the co-occurring difficulties are various and wide ranging.
Since beginning tutoring I have taught over 50 students privately and they have all made progress in their reading and writing. It has been the most rewarding job I could have imagined, the feeling you get when a student comes to a lesson with a book that they started to read for pleasure is overwhelming. They have worked hard to get to that point and now they are able to open their mind to the world that books offer and enter the various stories and information that abounds in the books.

I understand the difficulties in reading and writing, to me still it is such a joy to be able to read, for studying and pleasure. In the age of smart phones and streaming movies we must not forget that reading a book is still a special and unique experience that informs, develops and expands the mind. Reading is a right and for dyslexics is a difficult path to get to but once they are able to read they never look back.
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