My name is Timo Paul and I originally come from the United Kingdom, I was diagnosed with dyslexia since kindergarten and consequently was put into a specialised school for dyslexics until the 5th grade. Dyslexia has been a part of my whole educational life and through a lot of hard work and help I have learned how to use dyslexia to my advantage, eventually graduating from university with a 2.1 in Multimedia Technology. I worked for a few years as a web designer but was never truly happy as I felt that there was more that I could do and wanted to have a job where I could help people.

Originally this came about through teaching the elderly how to use computers which was a very rewarding job. In 2006 I moved to Japan to teach English and this turned out to be invaluable experience that would lead me onto teaching dyslexic learners. In 2011 I started studying about tutoring dyslexic children, as of 2018 I have taken 2 certifications and 1 level 4 diploma for supporting dyslexic learners.

of the most important things that I have come to rely on when tutoring is patience. What has become easier over time as an adult is something which young dyslexic learners are struggling to over come. learnt over the years is to remember is that dyslexic children have very low self-esteem and it is essential that they do not feel discouraged or worried about making mistakes. All things come with practice and time, and plenty of encouragement and hard work dyslexic children can compete and go beyond other students. I believe that dyslexia should not be frowned upon or see as something to hide but as something that should be celebrated. Some of the greatest minds of our time have been dyslexia such as Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

between my dyslexic tutoring I also write music, which has been used by psychologists for relaxing patients, practice and teach karate and teach English to dyslexic Japanese students.



+ Bsc Multimedia Technology
+ Certified Dyslexia Teacher
+ Advanced Dyslexia Teacher Certificate
+ Level 4 CPD Diploma in Strategic Teaching Support For Dyslexia and Literacy


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