What is dyslexia tutoring?
You may be thinking why would I need a dyslexic tutor for my child and what is the difference between a normal tutor. If your child has a learning difficulty such as dyslexia then traditional tutoring in most cases will not be effective. Learners with dyslexia need special lessons which are tailored to their specific needs with a tutor who has been qualified as a dyslexia specialist or teacher. I provide specialist tutoring for learners with dyslexia in the areas of reading, writing and spelling. Please click below to find out more about my services.
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Welcome to my page covering my dyslexia services; probably as you are aware there are very few avenues of help in Japan for learners with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Unfortunately I am unable to teach in Japanese however I do tutor English speaking learners. The average age of my learners are eight to ten years old and have a reasonable grasp of spoken English, this is important since they need to understand my spoken instructions. I have been in Japan for ten years and teaching dyslexic learners since 2011. Please have a look around the website to see the services that I offer and if your child might benefit from my help.

Please note that I am a dyslexic tutor, this means that I am qualified to teach students with dyslexia and find out where their problem areas are in regards to writing, reading and phonological problems, if you child has not been tested yet and you suspect they have dyslexia the test that I administer is not enough. This will need to be done by a clinical psychologist who will do a number of tests to find out if they have dyslexia, learning disability/difficulty, ADHD or other co-occurring symptoms. Once they have been properly tested and have been found to have dyslexia then I take over by doing a placement test to find out which areas of writing, reading, phonics and memory problems they have.

If you suspect your child might have a learning difficulty please contact one of these psychologists to arrange a session to find out more. Marielle Gorissen and Dr. Ron Shumsky their links can be found at the bottom.

" Timo has helped my son manage the rough waters. Within just 6 months, there was visible improvement in my son's reading, writing and confidence. Yes, it helps that my son does not have to miss any school, but Timo's tutoring has provided him with improved skills, renewed confidence and fun once a week."
- Naomi -

" I, too, am dyslexic, but only found out after noticing the symptoms in my son. Thus, Timo's session reviews have been informative to me, as well. Even my daughter benefited from her brother's tutoring when the session ended a few minutes early and Timo kindly accommodated her request for a quick karate lesson."

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