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When you are ready for tutoring, communication can be done via telephone, e-mail or LINE, a date will be set up for the first sesssion will take the form of a placement assesment. The assesment takes between 1-2 hours depending on the learners level and identifies where they are having difficulty. The main part of the assesment is made up of the MALT (Meta Linguistic Awareness Test):

Rhyme Detection
Checking the awarness of rhyming sounds.

Rhyme Supply
Providing words that rhyme with each other.

Onset Identification
Beginning sound identification.

Coda Identification
End sound identification.

Body Identification
Beginning and middle sound identification.

Rime Identification
Middle sound (single and blended) indentification.

Phoneme Subsitution

Changing the sounds of words to make new words.

Phoneme Transposition
Change the sounds of two words to make two new words.
Once the MALT has been completed the next stage in the assesment will look at the strength of awareness of the alphabet letters: the name, sound, sequencing and shape i.e writing the alphabet. This is known as Knowledge Phoneme to Grapheme Correspondence. It is an essential part of the assesment as it allows the assesor to identify which sounds are not being assimilated.

Finally the remainder of the assesment consists of spelling tests for letter sounds, words, non-words and sentence writing. At the end of the assesment a short report will be written noting all the observations and provide a recommendation on how to proceed and where to start in the Alpha to Omega programme.

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