Services Offered:

Assessment and Placement Test
If you suspect that your child has dyslexia or a learning difficulty then it is highly recommended that you take them to a pyschologist who can administer full testing.
One neuropychologist who I would recommend is Marielle Gorissen-van Eenige PhD. she can be contacted here.

Once this has been done I offer an assessment/placement test which identifies the areas of difficulty the learner is having in regards to reading, writing and working memory.

This looks at: writing/letter reversals, hearing/auditory discrimination of blend and initial sounds, short-term working memory and sequencing ability.

At the end of the test (approximentally 1 hour 30 minutes), you will receive a report and a short counselling session regarding the areas of difficulty are.

After the assessment has been completed and the report written, a consultation will be arranged with the parents to inform them of the findings and the recommended plan of action to help the learner.

Tutoring will take place at the home of the learner and uses the Alpha to Omega programme which provides a complete course in alphabet sequencing, writing, letter sounds (initial and blends) and works on improving short-term working memory. The majority of the activities are writing, kinaesthetic and multi-sensory. Each lesson is tailored to the learners specific learning speed and difficulties.
Price break down of services:

Assessment and Placement Test

The assessment and placement test needs to be only done once and will take between 1-2 hours, it requires a quiet area where the learner can sit at a desk and write.

The cost for the assessment is: ¥14,000+transport
Tutoring at Learners Home

Once the assessment has been completed tutoring can be started, ideally the sessions will take place in the learners home and are 1 hour, and can vary from once a week to three times.

The cost per lesson is: ¥10,000 + transport


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