8th August - 2018 - Summer holidays
Summer is in full swing here in Japan and those of you living here know how tiring and inconvenient this heat can be, more so this year has been the hottest on record in Japan and as such it is important to keep cool. Dyslexic learners find it harder to study than other students and in this heat it can make it more so, it is important to be flexible at this time of year when your children and allow them to take more breaks and drink plenty of fluids even during study. If possible parents should schedule lessons in the morning when students are not at school, this is helpful for the tutor and student as most dyslexic learners are able to concentrate better in the morning, plus it is usually cooler than midday or the evenings. Enjoy the rest of your summer holidays and I am looking forward to seeing my students on their returns.


16th March - 2017 - Belated Happy New Year!
A very happy new year to all my students old and new, it has been a very busy start to the new year with new students growing and older students moving on after their tutoring. It has been interesting seeing some of the new developments in regards to dyslexia and how it is treated, most interesting is the findings in regards to dyslexia and DNA. Dyslexia could be proven to be an inherited condition which might help in the future with treatment and identification. There was an interesting article about Gillian Anderson who has not been diagnosed with dyslexia (yet!) but has spoken about some of the symptoms which sound very similar, forgetting what she was taught even after taking many notes, read (even forgetting what was in your favourite book something which I identify greatly with), she has suffered with depression through out her life and is scared to find out if she has dyslexia. I have to admit to being a big X-Files fan and Scully was always a joy to watch to TV however it makes me sad to know that someone like her suffers from depression and it very likely is due to her undiagnosed dyslexia. Dyslexia affects so much of your everyday life and is something that you will never grow out of. There is a lot of frustration in everyday things that sometimes you just want to walk away and not even try because you have failed so many times in the past or it it is such a struggle and especially when you see others doing the same tasks with ease and speed. I believe there needs to be more done about dyslexia in adults, when we are children we can get help and we are allowed to make mistakes, it is part of growing up so while dyslexia can be very traumatic if the correct help is not provided there is stilll the advantage of being a child. Dyslexia for an adult is much more embarassing and can be soul destroying since you are an adult you are expected to be able to function like "everyone else" and when simple things such as learning a new job, remembering what you read or was taught are an uphill struggle you lose your confidence and the confidence of others. I hope that Gillian Anderson will have the courage to find out if she is dyslexic and be empowered with the knowledge that she can get help.


26th July - 2016 - New site design online!
Thank you to all my students and their parents who have contacted me over the last year, it has been a pleasure helping your children and seeing their confidence and ability grow, hopefully in the future there will be more support for children with learning difficulties and schools in Japan will recognise it and act appropriately. June of this year there was the Dyslexia Symposium, unfortunately I was unable to attend but it is always good to see that more people are pushing dyslexia understanding in Japan.

Hopefully their efforts will bring around more understanding and create teachers with the training needed to identify and help dyslexic learners. For those of you who have visited my site in the past you may have noticed the new paint, I decided it has been two years since my last change and it was time to update the site taking into consideration the higher resolutions and faster internet most people have. The site is meant to be more colourful and has larger text hopefully making it more enjoyable and easier to read.

14th Dec. - 2015 - Japan Times Article
On November 4th there was a very interesting article by Louise George Kittaka on the Japan Times website, link here regarding dyslexia in Japan. There were a few notable peple interviewed and interviews with parents who have been going through the system in Japan. She also interviewed myself and there is a short quote in the article from myself. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me since the article was published, hopefully this shall help shed some light on the problems that children and parents face with learning difficulties in Japan.
30th Sep. - 2015 - Japan Times & E-mail error
Some time in October there will be an article in the Japan Times about dyslexia in Japan written by, Louise George Kittaka. For her research she contacted several people in Japan and I was one of them, hopefully some of my quotes will be in the article.

Also I just found out that my contact form has not been working, I have updated it now and e-mails will go through to me, also I am changing my phone and will update the number once it is online. Thank you again for all the kind e-mails, it is a real pleasure to be able to work in a field such as dyslexia.
28th Aug. - 2015 - Still around
It has been while since I have last updated this section of the site and it has been due to the number of increasing students I have had over the last year, I must send a big thank you to all the parents and schools that have contacted me and allowed me to help their children/students. At times I have been unable to help students due to a lack of time and this always weighs heavily on my mind. Since I started teaching children with dyslexia in Japan nothing much has changed in the system. Japan needs more teachers with special needs training and understanding, there is also a worrying over reliance on the use of technology. While I believe that technology can truly benefit dyslexic learners it can also become a distraction creating new problems such as exasperating ADHD and other attention problems in learners. Teachers and parents need to keep an eye on how long children are spending with their iPads and iPhones, the ability to be connnected 24/7 is causing a new problem that needs to be address quickly.

On a more happy note I would like wish all my students a happy holidays, I hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays. It is always a pleasure to tutor you and help you through the tough times at school. You all have made incredible strides in over coming the obstacles that dyslexia throws up. I must thank all the parents too for their understanding and patience in teaching their children, it can be tough to have a child with a learning difficultly in Japan.
4th Aug. - 2014 - New Domain and Look
The website has had the same look for the last 2 years, however with the new domain, .tokyo added I thought it was time for a cleaner and more modern look.
10th July - 2014 - Website Updated
I wish to thank all my students and the parents who I have been teaching in the last year, it has been a real pleasure to see how each of my students has grown and the support which the parents have been providing. For potential students/parents I have updated the site with a price list and break down of the services that I provide.
2nd Feb. - 2014 - Diploma Completed
As of this February I have successfully completed my diploma course LEVEL 4 CPD DIPLOMA IN STRATEGIC TEACHING SUPPORT FOR DYSLEXIA AND LITERACY, in addition I have almost recovered from my surgery so I will be going back to tutoring and teaching dyslexic learners full time as of April. If there are any school that are in need of a dyslexic specialist tutor/teacher please feel free to contact me.
1st June - 2013 - Dyslexic learner
As I get closer to finishing off my course this year, I will need to do a recorded tutoring session with a native English speaking dyslexic student between the ages of 7-14, this will be a 1 hour session once a week between July and August, in total 8 hours teaching. I am on the look out for any parents in the Chiba/Tokyo area who need a tutor and would be willing to have their child recorded, they will need to sign a contract and agreement form that will be submitted Dyslexia Action UK which is the education department that I am studying with. If you would like to contact me please use the contact form and I will reply as soon as I receive it.
7th Feb. - 2013 - Finished!
I successfully passed my part A and B of my diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy, in March I will start the final part of my diploma to to achieve the Diploma in Teaching Dyslexia. It has been a hard year of study and the next year is going to be even tougher but there is so much that I have learnt about helping dyslexic learners and myself.
5th Jan. - 2013 - Maths
In the final paper of my part B course we were required to identify the problems that dyslexic learners have with maths. It was quite an eye opener to understand the difficulties that dyslexics face with math, it really seems that the memory difficulties that dyslexics suffer from affect all areas of their learning. I suffered greatly in my maths classes and I would have benefited from the understanding that we have today.
20th Dec. - 2012 - Kinaesthetic Teaching
I have been finding it increasingly important to incorporate multi-sensory activities into my lessons, if the learner is able to use at least more than two senses they are able to create a stronger impression, especially when it comes to dyslexic learners being able to learn in ways other than rote practice, this is where multi-sensory teaching plays such big role. However many schools and teachers do not recognise that pure rote practice does not benefit dyslexic learners.