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Each session lasts one hour and is done in the learners home, one-to-one, each lesson plan is unique to the learner and is adapted to their level, speed and type of learning. The Alpha to Omega system uses MSL = Multi Sensory Learning, this is a tried and tested method for teaching learners with learning difficulties. A single sound will be the main learning point of each session, it will be introduced though the alphabet, pictures, auditory, spelling words, sentence writing, games and physical movement.

While the Alpha to Omega system provides a framework for teachers and tutors to work around each lesson is unique to the learner and certain parts might work better than others. As such each lesson is reviewed and then adjusted accordingly to the learners level.

After each lesson the parents will be provided with a copy of the lesson plan and will be talked through it, going over difficulties, improvements and recommendations.
It is important for a placement assessment to be taken before the lessons begin. The assessment highlights the areas of weakness allowing for better lessons.
Placement Assessment
Required time: 1-2 hours

¥10,000 + Transport
Private Lesson
Required time: 1 hour
¥8,000 + Transport
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